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My goals are simple, they are yours.

Let me help guide you home.

  Buyer Services


Renée can save you time and take the hassle out of house hunting by creating a productive, enjoyable experience.

The only resource you need is a qualified professional Real Estate agent. Buying a home can be fun if you have the right agent. Renée Powers can provide detailed information on almost any property currently listed for sale, regardless of which real estate company has it listed. If you see a “For Sale” sign or find something on the Internet that interests you, Renée has access to all the data. Renée can tell you information such as the listing price, description, special features, financing terms, history of the property, and more. Just call and she can arrange a private showing of the home for you at your convenience. Renée will be familiar with your housing tastes and financial needs, so let her work for you.


Just as you would not trust your best friend to perform brain surgery on you (unless of course, they are a brain surgeon), why would you use anyone other than an Accredited Buyer Representative to represent you in a buyer transaction? As an ABR, Renée has special training and experience to provide the very best service possible buying Tucson real estate. Part of the special training consists of contract law and negotiation techniques. It is important to know that in the state of Arizona, your agent will be writing the contract for you (not an attorney like in some states). Since Realtors are licensed to complete the AAR purchase contract it is important to have an experienced Buyer Representative write the contract so that it provides maximum protection for you, the Buyer.


Important recommendation - If you will be financing the property, get pre-qualified for a mortgage before making your offer. This will show the seller your commitment and ability to perform. Pre-qualification is extremely important. Most sellers will not even entertain a contract without a pre-qual letter from a lender. Obtaining this pre-qual letter does not mean you are locked into that particular lender. You still have the first five days after contract acceptance to finalize which lender you would like to use. 

You are not alone, let Renée put you in touch with an excellent mortgage professional in Tucson.

Accredited Buyers Representative


The ABR® Designation
The Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR®) designation is the benchmark of excellence in buyer representation. This coveted designation is awarded to real estate practitioners by the Real Estate BUYER'S AGENT Council ("REBAC") of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® who meet the specified educational and practical experience criteria.

The criteria are:
} Completing a comprehensive two-day REBAC course in buyer representation.
} Obtaining a passing grade on the written examination.
} Demonstrating practical experience by completing a minimum number of required real estate transactions in which you functioned as a buyer's representative. Transactions must be completed and closed anytime prior to and up to 36 months after completing the ABR® course.
} Maintaining membership in good standing with the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and with the Real Estate BUYER'S AGENT Council.

9 Steps to Home Ownership

Step 1 – Get ready to purchase
There are several things you need to contemplate before you start looking for a home. You'll probably want to make an index of must-have features, get a feel for what neighborhoods and school districts you'd like to live in, and start planning your budget. Ensuring your mortgage payment is less than or around 1/3 of your monthly income is a good principle to adhere to.

Step 2 – Talk to a real estate agent in Tucson (Renee)
Schedule a time to meet with Renée, or a member of her team, and she can speak with you about your real estate needs and get an idea of your goals and plans for the future. You'll discuss neighborhoods, the Tucson area, schools, market trends, the mortgage industry, and any other factors that may affect your buying decision today or in the future.

She can also assist you with getting started on your loan. There are some very good mortgage professionals in Tucson, and we work with a lot of them, ensuring that you're in great hands. They will help you determine which type of loan is best for you, as well as help you get approved.


Before beginning your search for a home it is important to determine how much you can afford. You will have



a good sense of this after you speak with a lender, then we can begin the fun of looking. 


Step 3 – Begin looking
After our initial meeting, we will begin finding available homes on the market that are great for you. We will review all of the homes rejecting the ones you are not interested in and then I will book appointments to view the homes you are most interested in at a time that is convenient for you.

When we view homes, we will point out positive features as well as negative ones. We will even ask you to point out what things you like and don't like. Usually, buyers revise their must-have list as we view houses and some features become more substantial than others. If that's the case, we will search the listings again and narrow it down to the house you've been waiting for.


Step 4 – Get a grasp of the housing market
Your real estate agent or company's understanding of the Tucson market is an essential factor in your house search. We can quickly let you know about which neighborhoods and houses require prompt action as well as which other neighborhoods and houses allow for more time and thoughtful examination.


As we tour homes, we will make sure to communicate if the seller's list price has room for negotiation or if we believe the home is "priced to sell." Trust your instincts and be sure to ask your agent lots of questions, make sure that you feel comfortable through the entire process.


Step 5 – Write a contract on the house you love
I am positive we'll find the house of your dreams in the Tucson area, and when we do, we will thoroughly develop your real estate purchase offer. The offer will be tailored exactly to your needs. Whenever necessary, we never forget to make contracts contingent upon items like obtaining financing and the results of the home inspection.

When we send in your purchase offer, you will want to present "earnest money." This is a cash deposit made in good faith to secure the offer to purchase the property and is typically put towards the closing costs. It is usually held by the title/escrow company who is a neutral third party to the transaction. If the offer is accepted, closing generally occurs 30 to 45 days after acceptance. This allows ample time for your mortgage financing.


Step 6 – Negotiate
Most contracts don't close on the beginning offer. It's extremely common to receive a counter offer. But don't let it alarm you. We'll talk about whether or not to agree to the counter offer, propose our own counter offer back, or refuse the seller's counter offer and go on.

Market circumstances will play a role in how aggressively we negotiate the contract. We'll also work within your budget. And when it's all said and done, we'll create a contract that is best for you.


Negotiating is Renee's strong suit. Let her craft the best deal for you!


Step 7 – Obtain financing
Upon completing the contract, you'll begin working with your lender to close the loan. It shouldn't take much time at all if you're pre-qualified, but you need to stay in close contact with your lender. And we will take care of all the property information your mortgage lender needs to close the loan.

Your lender will give you a Good Faith Estimate  of closing costs within three days of getting your application. This estimate is formed from the loan amount. RESPA requirements dictate that it has to contain all closing costs and fall within a strict range of accuracy, and we will study the estimate and let you know if it all looks permissible.

Step 8 – Closing

The signing appointment at the title company where you sign all of your closing documents is referred to as 'closing' or 'signing'. This occurs 3 days prior to 'recordation' which is sometimes also referred to as closing.


Step 9 – Move in
Success! You have recorded and now you can move into your new home!. Enjoy it. And if you need anything, just call me 465-0301. Congratulations.


                                                                       It's a good life!

Renee Powers Realtor is your Tucson Real Estate Expert!

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