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  Preparing to sell



First Impressions are lasting impressions. Make sure yours count.


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Tips for staging and showing your property



• Curb appeal is important! Most buyers make a decision about a house at first sight. Buyers will respond best if your home has been meticulously maintained.

• Landscaping: Be sure lawn is mowed, edged, watered. Prune trees and weed flower beds. Any dead plants should be replaced with new ones.

• Driveway: Keep garage closed and driveway free of cars and debris.

• Roof: Repair/replace damaged/loose tiles or recoat flat roofs and repair eves and facia board.

• Walkways/Steps/Walls: Keep them clean; minimize cracks and crumbling; keep them clear of obstructions including toys, shrubs, etc.

• Windows: Clean windows and check appearance of window coverings from the outside.

• Paint/Caulking: Repair peeling paint and loose caulking.

• Insects/Rodents: Take steps to eliminate.

• Waste: Pick up any pet waste. Check home appearance from curb - make sure things look clean and clear.


Front Entrance

• As the agent unlocks the home, buyers have extra time to notice small details.

• Eliminate any cobwebs or dirt around doorway entrance, windows, and porch lights.

• Depending on weather, consider putting flowering plants in the entryway.

• Apply a fresh coat of paint to door and frame.

• Ensure keys and locks work smoothly and easily.



• Curbside decisions are reaffirmed once the buyer sees the interior of a home.

• Consider hiring a cleaning service to give the home a thorough cleaning and remove all clutter.

• Remove excess furniture by putting it in storage.

• Kitchen. Counters should be clear. Consider what a professional decorator would do.

Hide appliances and remove all items from the front of refrigerator. Never leave dishes in the sink.

• Closets and cupboards will be opened! Keep closets, cupboards, even garage neat and orderly.

• Bathrooms. Is it sparkling clean? Make sure shower curtains are hung properly and shower doors clean and clear of hard water stains.

Clean and/or re-caulk and grout as needed. Put everything away and off the counter. Keep toilet seats closed. Neatly hang matching towels. Consider placing a set of towels in each bathroom that are only brought out for showings.

• Bedrooms. Make sure the beds are made and pillows are straight. Pick up all items (especially clothing) off the floor.

• Repaint/clean walls, windows and floor coverings as necessary with light, neutral shades. Bright rooms look bigger and neutral colors allow buyers to envision their belongings in a home.

• Repair dripping faucets and burned-out light bulbs. Recaulk/regrout around bathroom showers and tubs.

• Inspect walls, baseboards, trim and tiles. Repair cracks, holes or other damage as needed.

• Have the carpet shampooed and and the windows cleaned.

• Pets. Remove any signs or evidence of pets. This included kitty litter, toys and beds. Most of all any odor associated with pets.


Warm and Welcoming

• Make your home inviting so buyers feel welcome.

• Aroma sets the mood. Air out the home and bring in the subtle scent of fresh baked cookies in the kitchen or potpourri in bedrooms and bathrooms makes your home more inviting and warm.

• Lighting is key. Open drapes and blinds and turn on lights. Light, bright and open sets the right mood.

• Finally soft music adds that finishing touch.


Whenever possible it is best to leave the house for all showings, letting the buyers feel more comfortable and talk more freely.

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